Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Two Hypno Trips

The Same ones but one fast and the other slow, depending on which you prefer:


Cocksucking Trainers

Turn you into a submissive cock slut

The Perfect Maid Training

Turns you into a sissy cocksucker

Shemale Whore Training

My Cum Addiction

I absolutely love cum and this video makes me so damn horny:

A couple of gifs

Cocksuck training

Cuckold Training

Sissy Training

My Ultimate Fantasy

One of my hottest fantasies is to be one of the girls in this video:

More Sexy Black Cock Hypno Videos

As you can guess already, I have a huge fetish for all kinds of dick but especially big ones:

Sexy Hypnosis

Videos like the ones I am posting, help reaffirm my love for cock, submission and cum.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Feminization Hypnosis

What has really made me certain about my desire for cock and to be a shemale has been feminization hypnosis. Most notably from the free clips from there are incredible. You should also check out her yahoo group too.
Be careful though, you could end up like me wishing to be this girl:


I guess I better start by introducing myself.
I am a 20 year old effeminate white boy who is looking to become owned by a master or mistress and turned into a full on sexy shemale slut through surgery, hormones or any other means. By nature I am already very kinky, but to give you an idea I love the thought of getting gangbanged and bukkaked by many men, pissing, bondage etc. etc.
The reason I have started this blog is ideally to try and discover the full extent of my kinkiness and desires and find a partner who can help me realise my lifelong ambition.
Happy reading xx