Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Ways to become more sissified

Aside from watching my lovely collection of hypno videos, I have decided to add helpful tips and guides on how to become more girly, sexy and sissified to help you take that first step to sucking and taking that delicious cock and swallowing that smooth sexy manjuice.

Dietary Aids: (proven to reduce testosterone and increase female hormones)

  • Eat a lot of soya, soy beans etc.
  • Drink a lot of milk.
  • Eat lots of sugary things.
Behavioural Aids:
  • Only wear panties, the tighter the better, will not only reduce testosterone, but also shrink your penis.
  • Wax your legs, genitals, any hair that girls don't have, pluck your eyebrows and get that sexy arch.
  • Read girls magazines, watch girly programmes and films, listen to girly music, just think girly at all times, constantly fantasise about cock, cum and being dominated by men.
  • Refrain from doing any aggressive/violent things, including sport, stick to aerobics, yoga and light swimming.
  • When masturbating always suck or fuck a realistic dildo and fantasise about being the woman.
That is all for now, I expect you all to keep to these. xx

Monday, 6 December 2010

Another Idol

I absolutely love Aurora Snow, she is gorgeous and absolutely loves cock. Here is a link to one of my favourite films of her, taking two big black cocks with absolute delight, enjoy xx: