Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Incredibly sexy video

I received a lovely email correspondence from Geri today which has inspired me to post up a new video.
Check it out gurls! xx
Or at least I tried to, but it doesn't seem to be working. :( :( I will keep on trying though. Stay tuned.
Sophie x x x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Best ways to get a feminine figure

Diet & How to get rid of unwanted muscle:

Many of you could find you've got "big arms/shoulders/upper back" That's of course not very femenine. Here's the simplest way to get rid of it : diet

The diet will consist of:

A good, reliable multivitamin & multimineral. Most of you won't have a balanced diet so this will be necessary

Flaxseed/fish oil. Capsules preferably, no more than 6-7 grams/day

Protein: about 0'5 grams pr kg of weight.

Carbohydrates: You want these low, a high carbohydrate intake makes your body release tons of insulin, which is the one of the hormones the body uses to store fat and build muscle. Most people do well around 40% of daily cals on carbs

Fat: fill with fats the calories you need to complete your intake. Make sure most of these are healthy fats, but some of these are "unhealthy" ( I hate this term since colesterol is necessary for some important functions)

Calories: This will depend on your size, weight and level of activity. Here's a calculator, fill the numbers and find how much you burn a day, then take as many as possible WITHOUT GOING BELOW YOUR BMR (this will slow your metabolism while you're dieting and you don't want this, this is the main cause of the yo-yo effect)

Calculate your daily intake here:

From the number you obtain, take as much as you want WITHOUT GOING BELOW YOUR BMR calories (upper right corner on that screen).

And don't start with a monstruous deficit of say, 800 kcal (more than enough to burn muscle). Start with a small deficit of, say, 100 kcal, and build to the total deficit in 2 weeks in small increments, this way your body will be able to adapt better to it.

Normal diets don't tell you to take out as many calories (they usually go on the 500 kcal range), but normal diets are made to preserve your muscle mass, which is what we don't want. Oh, and by normal diets I mean good ones, not the shit tier attacks against health performed by women magazines under names like "the watermelon diet" or "the X calories diet". A diet should always be tailored to the dieter's daily calorie expenditure and lifestyle.

General tips:

-AVOID red meat: increases your testosterone.

-Protein in vegetables is usually shit iter and won't be absorved by the body (it's incomplete and has low bioavailability) so be careful with soy as a protein soruce.

-You want your proteins low, but you still want protein: You want to destroy muscle, but you want to preserve vital organs right? Don't worry, your body is smart, most protein will go to repair organs. Don't neglect your protein intake.

But not all muscles are bad, sure you want a tasty and meaty bottom, right? There's a way to preserve it: exercise those muscles while you diet (moar about this in the next chapter). This way your body will think those muscles are still necessary and will make an effort to preserve them.

In the other side, try to use the muscles you don't want as little as you can. If your body doesn't use them enough, they will become the primary source of protein for any other uses (and thus, they will start to shrink).

Be careful with how fat you are, you don't want any health problems, so check your bf% (body fat %) with a caliper (you can buy these online for liek 5 dollars) or try one of those bioimpedance machines, but they're a little inaccurate, and you should measure your fat always in the same conditions with those ( I.e.: always after having had the same meals and having drank the same amount of water) so results are stable and reliable.

AND NEVER go below 7% of your mass in fat. Yes, this means you may have to gain some weight to lose some muscle after.

And drink lots of water at least 3 liters a day. Most people goes around with some nice liquid retention, and ironically this is because they don't drink enough (if the body doesn't get enough water, starts to store it since it "thinks" you're in through some dry season, blame evolution). This water tip can, and usually will, slim your legs and belly faster than diet.

The final tip is, after you've dieted the muscle out of you, you'll be confronted with your true body shape, the structure your bones, proportions and internal organs give to your body. Find out which type of clothing suits which type of body.

Workouts and Exercises


Female ass is bigger than male ass as it serves as a fat storage, while in males the belly is the main fat storage zone. You don't want to develop a strong, thick ass, but ratter a big juicy one an ass that contains a lot of fluid mass rather than solid muscle. That's achieved with what it's called "resistance training" (training your muscles to be resistant to long efforts, but not to develop a big strength). This is for a physiological reason so long to discuss here. Basically, resistance training makes your muscles big by increasing the volume of water they contain (water that contains the ingredients to make htem resistant, like glycogen/fuel), but not the amount of "actual muscle fiber" in them.

The meat and potatoes, here they come:

-Lunges, don't use weights (that'll develop the muscles on your torso, and you don't want this to happen) Start with 3x10- build up to 3x30xeach leg as time passes. Don't keep the leg straight at the end of the movement. knee always bent (otherwise you'll work your torso again)

-Kickbacks. Here you can use weights (if you can go to a gym) 3x8-12 x leg if using weights, build from 3x10 to 3x30xleg if not.

don't do more than 30 reps, won't be much of a difference.

-Between the sets (the 3 in the "3x30") wait between 1 and 1:30 minutes THIS IS IMPORTANT. The aim is to deplete the glycogen (gas) stores of the muscle, so it'll develop bigger "storages" (which is the water I told you about before), thus increasing the volume of the muscles.

-For the reps (each movement fo the exercise) focus on doing them like in 1 second up, pause 1 second, 1 second down. That'll burn and you don't be able to do all the sets the first day, so don't rush.
Running in an inclined surface, (i.e. like you were running to the top of a hill). Some threadmills give you the option to incline the runnnig surface.

Also, gotta find you some exercises for the "gluteus medius" so your as will get round and your hips will look wider, but I'¡ll have to search a little bit.

Do those exercises 2-3 times a week, and always give your body AT LEAST 1 day off, to rest and grow. Stay away from SQUATS AND DEADLIFTS (they work your lower back, giving you a manly frame).

Slim Waist

That's mainly diet. There's no muscle giving you a slim waist, in fact, developing core/torso/waist muscles will make your waist bigger.

Only abs would be advisable, and even then, you don't want them too big. If you've gotta do abs, STAY AWAY FROM CRUNCHES (develops core). LYING LEG RAISES ARE A BETTER OPTION

If not, you should try using a corset ;) It's been used for decades, works nicely and it is a sexy thing to wear.

To grow tits you'll need mainly hormones. Yet many women use an exercise to make pectoral muscles biggerso their tits stand up a little bit more, although I don't know (and even doubt) this is what you need, if still you're interested, it's called "flys", it won't develop your arms (many other pec exercises do), and you should use weight. 3x8-12. 3 times a week

For your muscles to grow you'll gotta eat on a surplus, yes, you gotta overeat a little bit (just don't pig out) around 300-500 cals more than necessary. You'll see results after the first weeks, grow till the desired size and then diet the fat out. Total process shouldn't be more than a couple of months, and then you'll be able to tell the difference with some "progress pics"

WHILE DIETING you gotta do your exercises, and keep the weights/repetitions you were doing or your muscles will go away. After you diet (you'll lose all your belly and have a nice wasp waist around 10%bf) you might see that you've lost some fat of your ass and it doesn't look big and juicy enough, no problem, keep exercising and eating normally and it will grow over time (just not as fast as with an excess of calories).

On a side note, when you diet you'll lose some volume on your muscles, that's water volume and you will recover it the 1st week after the diet ends, and your ass will recover it's juicy size. Don't be disappointed if your ass looks smaller when you diet: you'll get it back

If you can afford a gym, there are plenty of machines/exercises to work your glutes, and then a different and more effective routine can be made (glute isolator and roman chair ham raises being some of the best) but it depends on the equipment of your gym.

Gluteus Medius

The gluteus medius (see pic) is important for many functions, but it's got a trick: it can make your hips look wider (that's why you'll never see a macho man doing the exercises I'll tell you now, big hips usually are considered unaesthetic in traditional heteronormative beauty standards for males)

It also helps to give your ass a rounder look (but only if you got some fat) as it's right under one of the main fat deposits of the human body. As I said before, female bofy uses this area as a fat storage area, by developing the gluteus medius you can "fake" that your body is also storing fat here, and thus make it look more femenine.

Enough. let's go to the routine. I'll implement also the exercises listed above so here you'll get a consistent routine to make your ass rounder, bigger and juicier.

3 days a week, one day exercise, the other off. a week should look like this. If you don't rest, uscles won't grow and your ass will stay the same, or even worse, shrink.

AxAxAxx where A are training days and x are off, rest days. Discipline and constance are the key.

without gym (calisthenics)

-lunges: build from 1x10 to3x30 x leg

-kickbacks: build from 1x10 to 3x30 x leg

-bridges: 1x10/15 to 3x10/15 are enough. You can add some weight (don't go to heavy) on your belly after some weeks doing these to increase intensity. A bag full of anything will do well. Be careful! Google some form on how to do them and don'¡t add too much weight

-floor hip abductions: from 1x10 to 3x30 x leg

-Isometric hip abductions*:3 x leg


-Stand to the side of a sturdy chair or table for support. Your left leg should be next to the back of the chair.
raise your right leg directly out to the side as high as you can (don't overdo this, you don't want to get injured because of your lack of flexibility, when it starts to hurt, stop right there, low your leg a little and there's the point)
Hold your leg for 10-30 seconds. At the beginning it will be difficult, you'll get better at it soon

And that's it! Remember, 1:30 seconds of rest between sets, lifting time should be one second, keep the position for another, lower the weight in another second and other second in the starting position (4 seconds x repetition). AND EAT SOMETHING JUST AFTER TRAINING, IT'S WHEN YOUR MUSCLES NEED IT THE MOST!!

For your muscles to grow you'll gotta eat more calories than you consume, if you get too fat, diet WHILE EXERCISING, if you get too thin (can be a problem when you develop your buttocks since you'll be able to see some definition of the muscle heads), eat more. If everything goes right your body will put some fat over the muscles, thus finishing the goal of making your butt to look more feminine.

Friday, 5 August 2011

My attempt at a fantasy story:

I had always been the skinnier, smaller cocked, more effeminate one, but I never thought I would end up like I am today.

It all started on a normal day when I was 15 years old and I fell in love with the girl living next door. But the only way I got to be close with her was to talk about girl's fashion which of course meant I had to read all the magazines to know what I was talking about. However after a couple of weeks she started suggesting we dress each other up and put make up on each other. Reluctantly I obliged after she said she would find it really sexy and give me a kiss. Luckily we had around the same 5ft 6 slender frame and my pathetic excuse for a dick was easily small enough to slip into her sexy lacy panties and go unnoticed underneath a tight skirt. I had long blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous porcelain skin and Sophie took full advantage of this with the make up she put on. She led me to the mirror to show off her work and wow I looked gorgeous. My blonde hair was wavy and framed my effeminate face perfectly, the blue eyeliner and mascara really brought out the deep blue of my eyes which contrasted so beautifully with the blusher on my soft rounded cheekbones and the red lipstick on my full lips. My little dick started pushing against the fabric of the lace panties pushing up a little bulge from the tight yellow pencil skirt I was wearing and I felt the rounded mounds of a padded c-cup lace bra pushing against my black lace vest. "Beautiful" said Sophie, licking her lips as she strode over and kissed me like I was a girl. Before I knew it she had taken several photos of me. I tried to grab the camera but she easily pushed me onto the bed and said "Shut up you bitch, stay on the bed." For some reason I listened to her. She then plugged her camera into her computer and emailed the pictures to someone. She then told me to go home dressed as I was and slapped me on the arse as I left.

I managed to sneak back in without my parents noticing and the next couple of days I spent in the lingerie, wondering who Sophie had sent the email to. The next day I went down for breakfast and two very built men in suits were waiting next to my parents who quickly informed me that I was being sent to a very special boarding school and before I knew it I was in a van with 8 other effeminate looking guys being driven somewhere.

The van stopped and revealed was a very large and remote country manor and we got greeted by a very tall and beautiful woman who told us we were at a school where we were going to be taught how to be women and very slutty ones at it. We looked at each other confused and terrified and as if anticipating some of us were going to try and make a run for it more security people turned up and herded us into the building.

As we walked past the wooden corridors we saw graduation class photos on the wall, all female and all beautiful, and we gulped. Secretly I wished I could be any of those girls. We were then led into a room with white washed walls where we were stripped by the security guards and made to line up against the wall with our hand on the wall. Photos were taken, then we were told to turn round and bend over, more flashes came.
The headmistress then came in again and stared intently at each boy before carefully selecting a stamp and stamping them on the stomach. When she finally reached me, she smiled and instantly took out the stamp from the end and stamped me gently on the stomach. I looked down and was met by a massive black penis stamp on my stomach. She then proceeded to tell us that those with a small yellow penis stamp were in the beginners, those with a white were in intermediate and those with a black were in advanced/intensive class. We were then led to separate dorms which were shared with one guy or should I say girl from the class above. My dorm mate was a beautiful Hispanic girl with olive skin, dark hair and green eyes. She flashed a smile at my stamp and proceeded to tell me the basics of the school. Every mealtime we would get an injection. Classes started at 8am with an aerobics session followed by makeup and dress up class. After lunch there was an hypnosis session followed by a practical session which she wouldn't tell me what it involved. She then said it was bedtime and laid me down on the double bed with gorgeous silk pink sheets and we spooned and kissed the whole night.

We then got woken up by a security guard and made to dress in a silk thong and a kimono for breakfast. I looked over enviously at Maria's chest which was at least a B cup. At breakfast we had lots of fruit with soya milk, the injection wasn't so bad at all and I actually felt really good. We were then made to dress into a sports bra and tight joggers which hugged our silk thongs. The aerobics session was very light, we were told it was basically to make us more slender, give our asses more definition and make our bodies more womanly. For some reason I tried extra hard, I wanted to be beautiful, I wasn't gay, just a woman. The make up and dress up class taught us not only how to put on make up and outfits that made us look stunning but also how to wax our body and keep our bodies clean. After a fruity lunch with lots of pudding the advanced class was led into a room with a large projector and booming speakers. For 3 hours we were played hypnosis videos on various feminizing/cocksucking/cum swallowing/ass taking topics, I didn't think they would work so I watch attentively. However when the practical session came around I didn't even have to be told to start sucking the dildo. The headmistress came round, giving us tips, however when we were told to practice assplay the headmistress came over and told me I wasn't allowed to do anything.

This schedule continued for almost 10 months, my body became more and more hourglass shaped, and my boobs grew to a B-Cup, I had lovely long blond hair and my ass was shapely and womanly. When we were finally told we were fit to graduate. I finished with the top marks Magnum Cum Laudae. We were then told we were being sold to various masters around the world with cuts being given to the people who scouted us our parents and the school itself, I eagerly awaited to find out who my master was, I was cock and cum addicted and my asspussy was just waiting to be filled. I needed a man who I could service and fulfil all his needs because those were my needs. The headmistress took me to one side and told me I had been given an extra special master who had a paid a premium not only for my looks but also for my cherry to be fully in tact. I was so complimented by this and eagerly anticipated meeting him. We were dressed up in all our finest outfits, mine being a simple very short white dress which barely covered my apple shaped arse and showing off my lovely long smooth legs. Underneath which I wore pink satin lingerie with my now standard makeup of blue mascara and eyeliner with pink blusher and red lipstick accentuating my soft rounded cheekbones, full lips, slender jawline and beautiful big blue eyes. I waited alone in my room when suddenly the door swung open revealing a 7ft stocky black man dressed in african robes with lots of golden jewellery and a crown. As soon as he saw he had a massive grin on his face showing off a full set of very white teeth. His hands were bigger than my face in fact he could have probably lifted me up by the head with one hand. I noticed a giant bulge appearing from his robes. He introduced himself in a booming deep voice as Shaka, prince of Zambesi as he strode over and picked me up. I instinctively wrapped my legs around his hips and grinded my arse on his massive bulge, my God his cock felt huge at least as thick as a coke can. He gave a big bassy laugh as he felt me shudder and moan in fear and eager sexual anticipation as I grinded up and down on his massive pole. He then lay me down on the bed and ripped off my white dress and regally unrobed himself to reveal a muscly  large shouldered build and a huge semi erect penis that would have required me having 4 hands to fully cover it's length. I eagerly moved over to it, giving myself my first taste of real cock. It was wonderful and intoxicating he decided to humiliate me by pushing my head back and laying his manhood along the length of my head, I groaned in sexual awe and started licking the shaft while my hands stroked and squeezed his balls which were the size of tennis balls. I then fit the head in my mouth while he slowly pushed himself deeper and deeper inside of me. I managed to go about a quarter of the way before I started gagging. He then pulled out and then proceeded to throat fuck me, coating his entire dick in my saliva. I began to worry how I was going to fit his dick up my previously untouched ass. I could only fit a quarter down my throat after 10months of blowjob training. Before I had any more time to think he had torn off my bra and panties and flipped me over. He then started lathering my asshole in an entire bottle of KY jelly, then pinning my arms and legs down before he started pushing the tip of his 14inch, coke can girthed cock against my tight virgin ass pussy. This is what I had been waiting for, for over 10 months now, the pain was immense but also the waves of pleasure were incredible as I whelped and moaned and shuddered he managed to fit 7 inches of his gargantuan penis into me. He waited here for a minute allowing my petite 5ft 6 frame time to adjust, and told me to back onto the remaining half. Surprisingly the worst part was over and I could only feel an intense feeling of pleasure, joy and fullness as his balls, one on it's own bigger than my sissy clit and balls combined, finally rested on top of mine. He waited here for another minute kissing me up and down my neck, then he grabbed me by my hourglass waist and begun to pound me relentlessly, the constant change between massive gaping emptiness and complete fullness was enough to make me squirt multiple times before he finally pushed himself all the way in and shuddered and groaned as he pumped me with what seemed like half a litre of cum. He then pulled out, made me kneel on the floor and put his massive cum oozing penis in my face and told me to lick him clean. The lovely taste of his penis, mingled with the delightful taste of his cum and soft womanly taste of my asspussy was heavenly.
He then flew me back to Zambesi where I was also charged to serve his best warriors as a gorgeous porcelain prostitute.