Sunday, 22 July 2012

Chapter 1

I had always been a pretty boy. Light blonde hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, high cheekbones and a sleek jawline with a dimpled chin. At the age of 16 I had let my hair grow and was barely 5ft 6 with a slim tanned figure, surprisingly long toned legs and a tight, cute bubble butt. Embarrassingly for me I had also developed gynaecomastia so I had puffy nipples and my cock was just about 5inches erect and 4 inches in girth. As a result of my effeminate appearance all the boys at school teased me and my only friends were girls giving me a feminine nature. However I harboured no thoughts about men at this point and secretly fantasized about having sex with a particularly pretty girl at my school.

One day when walking back from school a van appeared by my side 2 big guys came running out, grabbed me and before I knew what had happened I was in the back of the van, blindfolded and tied and being driven somewhere before I got injected with something causing me to fall asleep.

I woke up dazed and confused, naked on a soft plush pink bed in a very girly decorated room. After a while I managed to sit up and covered my nakedness in the satin cover enjoying the sensation as it brushed over my cock and nipples. As I was about to gather the strength to stand up out of this drug induced haze a nurse acame in. When I tried to ask her what was happening the nurse just gave me a sympathetic look, hushed me down and injected me again. This process repeated itself at least several times as I quickly lost count until one time I woke up and saw a friendly looking black doctor sitting at the end of my bed. I raised the sheets to cover my breasts and began asking him lots of questions mostly trying to gain an explanation however he just waited until I stopped talking. "Danni, in a couple of months a medical journal will release an article that proves if women have sex with a cock bigger than 10inches their chances of getting cervical cancer are increased by 300%." Okay but what does that have to do with me I thought, my cock was no way near 10inches. As if he knew my thoughts he said "In preparation of this the US government has been collecting thousands of pretty guys from all over the world."


  1. Ooh I already love it! I cant wait for the next issue. I saved some of your posts for my own journey. I'm a big fan <3

  2. i love your blog more than anything. you are so lovely.
    thank you

  3. Loved the story do far. Also, think you are so hot.

  4. Loved the story do far. Also, think you are so hot.